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The Anchor in the Storm

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Welcome to the ASC blog

My name is Shane Mahon and I am the owner of Anchored Soul Counseling, PLLC (ASC). I am a licensed clinical social worker. ASC is a private group mental health practice with a physical presence in North Haven, Connecticut as well as virtually. We serve hundred of patients from all around Connecticut. I have been working in the field of human services for more than decade. I am passionate about mental health and well being and I strive to bring high-quality treatment to persons of all ages and wakes of life. This blog will focus on various aspects to mental health, therapy and the paradigms that guide the work we do here at ASC.

*Please note, that the content of this blog will largely be based off of my prospectives and opinions on the aspects of holistic mental health. I will surly cite empirical data and other resources, but ultimately this blog reflects me and my views as a clinician and by no means speaks for any larger community or entity. *

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